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    I7 5930k Package question


      Hi, i received my new processor a day ago, but something really disturb me, the cpu inside the Plastic Blister was Slightly turned so the blister was not properly closed.
      When i opened the internal cardboard tray, the blister just opened by himself like a spring, but hopefully the cpu did not move or fall.
      The factory seal was intact and properly closed, the cpu appears not used, with just a square mark on the ihs, so i assume it's normal factory testing.

      The fpo code is ok on the ihs and on the sticker, with 3 years warranty recognized by the site.



      is safe to use this processor?

      Is it a normal factory packaging error but acceptable for intel quality standards?


      is it better to RMA without even try it?


      I know that my concern can be a little exagerate, but even if it's not my first custom build, it's the first time i see a new processor boxed in this manner, and before use it with other brand new components, i want to be sure that this can be acceptable.



      Thanks, and sorry for my pretty basic english.