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    DG33BU Windows 7 Audio


      I tried both the drivers from Intel and the drivers from Realtek, but I can't get the audio device working in Windows 7 Pro. The High Definition Audio Controller shows up under system devices rather than sound cards, so I can't select it as an audio output device in sound settings. Anyone else have this issue or know a fix?

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          This board had a many BIOS fixes. There were some fixes pertaining to audio issues in revision 0437.  If your BIOS is older

          than that, flashing may help. Can't really say for sure....


          Try uninstalling the driver completely in device manager , along with all the software for it in control panel.  Reboot.  It might complain about not having a driver, if it comes up, tell it to go to Windows update/online for the driver.. or, manually click Windows update and see if a driver appears there.  Download and install it.

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            I installed 0572 bios when I first realized I had an audio issue. I've removed the "High Definition Audio Controller" device several times from System Devices and reboot/reinstalled with as many methods I could think of, including older driver versions from both Intel and RealTek. Windows currently insists that no matter what I choose, the current Microsoft provided drivers are what is best for this device.


            All devices that windows finds have drivers, but there is no Sound, video and game controllers or devices beneath it. I've tried using the 'Add Legacy Hardware' method to add the device both the RealTek and Intel supplied drivers with no success. It just says the device Realtek High Definition Audio cannot start.


            And yes, audio is enabled in the bios peripheral configuration.

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              I wonder if it might be trying to send the audio to the SPDIF output? or perhaps the optical....  I'm blindly guessing now


              At this point I would re-check my wiring, making sure everything is where it should be... but you've probably done that by now.


              Perhaps reviewing




              may lead to some flash of insight or luck.  Sorry I can't be more resourceful

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                It's not just wiring, as Windows says there is no audio output device installed.

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                  It is very strange that it would install audio devices in a place other than the Sound portion of the Device Manager.  Weird

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                    the original resolution was to just buy a PCI sound card and use that. however, since then, i have purchased a pci-x video card to use instead of the onboard video. when i installed that, the onboard audio showed up and installed and is currently working just fine.