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    Upgrade FX-8120 to i7 6700k - Need to reinstall Windows?


      Hello everyone, first time posting here.

      For the last almost 5 years I've been using an AMD FX-8120 CPU, and now was the time to upgrade.

      I bought parts for an entirely new system except the GPU since I upgraded to a Fury 2 month ago.

      I built it last night and the Corsair watercooler really does its job well, but I have a question about the possible effects of changing the cpu.


      The Windows 10 64-bit installation running on this machine was used under the amd processor as well.

      I installed mainboard and Intel chipset drivers and restarted the machine. Normal use is great and games like Tomb Raider 2013 and CS:GO work perfectly...

      But there are some strange occurences in other games since the cpu/mobo/ram upgrade. For example: Far Cry 4 runs at 80 fps when standing still or walking,

      but looking aroung (with or without motion blur) makes the fps plummit to 25! This is also the Case with some other Games. And a few games like Black Ops 3 for example will crash when even starting them!


      My first instinct was to change the ram slots or put other memory in, but that didn't do anything...

      So my last idea would be to back my most important files up from the boot SSD and format the drive to install Win 10 fresh. Then installing the drivers with no possibility for old amd drivers or settings still being on there could make this work, right?


      But then again, is it even the CPU's problem? The same games were running with the AMD CPU and this very GPU at a slightly lower framerate, but a stable one!


      This gaming related post might be out of place on this forum, but I really need help, pls....

      (see the picture below for the guts of my machine)