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    Aero crashing on Win7 with an i7-6700HQ


      Hi !
      I bought a brand new MSI PE70 6QE with Win10, but for some reasons I decided to install Windows 7 instead.


      The problem is that after installing all the last drivers, everything is running well EXCEPT that the computer is unable to run Aero more than 30 minutes. It makes quite mad because my older computer (with an i5 and only 6Go of DDR3) had no problems running it, and now that I bought a good computer (i7-6700HQ and 24Go of DDR4) it doesn't survive to Aero.


      It looks like the integrated graphics are not powerfull enought. Can someone help me with my problem? I'd really like to run Aero smoothly on a computer with that configuration !


      Thanks a lot, and sorry for my english !


      MSI PE70 6QE

      Intel Core i7-6700HQ

      Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M (2Go)
      SSD 500Go + HDD 1To
      24Go DDR4
      Windows 7 Pro 64bits

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