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    help customizing linux kernels


      i have troubles following the official intel documentation on building a custom image from : http://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/edison/sb/edisonbsp_ug_331188007.pdf , as i feel that the explanation is no longer valid. as there is no edison-src.tgz available in the in the provided link to the edison software download page"IoT - Intel® Edison Board Download | Intel® Developer Zone". Furthermore i have tried using the available files from the software download page like the "Release 3.0 Yocto* complete image" but it dont even have any of the relevant files according to the intel documentation to compile the build, and the "Sources – Linux Source Files" page in it's self is no longer valid. so how to now i cant even custom build the kernel to enable PPP in this documentation : IoT - Connect a GPRS modem to Intel® Edison | Intel® Developer Zone. Please help