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    Display driver randomly dies using skype, java apps and chrome. (Windows 10)


      Like the title suggests, i've been having issues with the my 4600HD (CPU 4710HQ) drivers lately, seems to happen if i task it with more than one thing that i cant force the computer to run on my GeForce GTX870M via the nVidia control panel, usually when running skype/chrome or the popular java-based videogame "Minecraft" at the same time (never all three, just one of the two at once) - these three are programs that my computer simply point blank, refuses to use the superior card for.


      Most recently it happened while having a skype call with a friend from Ireland; about 25 mins in, i get a warning that says "Intel display driver for windows 8 has stopped working and has successfully recovered" , video freezes for 3 seconds and then everything resumes as normal for about another 5 mins, at least i thought it was normal till my laptop locked up and i had to hard restart it by powering it down.


      I've also had this happen when running Minecraft and looking at videos on Youtube at the same time, tabbing out of minecraft without pausing the game sometimes causes the gpu to lock up and crash my game.
      Unfortunately, if i remove the 4600HD from my system, i no-longer have a path to the display itself for my GeForce card to take to run the display. (i tested this today)


      I'm going to attach a dxdiag to this post in the hope that someone can help me identify if its something with the setup in particular, or a driver isnt quite right, because everything else works just fine - only these three programs crash the driver.