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    S2600CW server board not detecting M.2 SSD


      Hello All,


      I am building a WS using the S2600CW and don't intend to use it as a server.

      I have a dual E5-2660 v3 setup with 64 Gig RAM and a Quadro M4000.  I plan to use a Samsung SM951 M.2 SSD as the main hard drive and installing Windows 10.


      The M.2 SSD does not show up on the BIOS (Mas Storage Controller Configuration - SATA Port 0-5) and Windows installer (over USB) does not detect it either.


      I believe I have the latest BIOS:



      BMC version: 1.43.9685

      ME version:

      Board part number: H12881-261


      I know the M.2 port and SATA4 cannot be used at the same time and I have nothing connected to any of the SATA ports except the M.2 SSD.



      Can someone please help me with the settings that would enable me to use M.2 SSD?

      Also, there is a very long delay (~50 seconds) before each start up of the system where the fans and LEDs are on but I see no activity on the display.  Why is that?


      I really appreciate your help in advance.