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    HDMI cuts out watching some catch up TV content on some TVs


      Mentally exhausted after 2 days trying to fathom this out - help most welcome!


      We want to watch catchup TV on our main Sony Bravia TV (BRAVIA KDL-46EX403) via HDMI.  We know it works from our Windows 10 PCs so we bought a small Lenovo MIIX 300 running Windows 10 32bit to hook up to the TV.  It has a Atom Z3735F and runs Intel HD Graphics driver (I tried the three most recent Intel releases).


      HDMI output from MIIX to Bravia works normally until I play TV content on some channels. For example, UK BBC and ITV programmes work correctly but Channel 4 and Channel 5 output does not work, although their adverts do work! It just cuts out (video and audio) while the TV programmes are showing - then works again when there is an ad break or the programme ends. Every now and again the signal pops back on then cuts a second or two later.




      The same HDMI output works OK when I connect the MIIX to an older Samsung TV




      When I play the same video content using the same browser from my normal laptop it plays correctly on the Bravia TV.


      So there is something specifically incompatible between the MIIX and the Bravia when playing those channels. It sounds like a driver / firmware issue as both boxes have shown they can do the job when connected to a different partner.


      If we can't work this out the PC will have to be returned as it is pointless if it can't do the job we bought it for.


      Thanks for any explanations - I can't believe something so simple has been so difficult.