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    Can't install Gfx driver on NUC



      I tried to install the driver you have provided but got an error message. since you have a limited types of NUCs that supported by this update I wanted to check mine, only to discover that your NUC "identifying tool" doesn't support 64bit OS and I was directed to install your "driver something utility" which also couldn't identify my laptop's NUC.

      I know that I can check the NUC number on the back but I need a screwdriver which I don't have, and I shouldn't need it in the first place.

      this is a total chaos from a leading company like Intel, and I've to agree with everyone else about having a small drop down menu to change the language!

      however, I would like to actually do something about this silly problem, beside complaining , so here are my questions for you guys:

      1. how do I identify my NUC?

      2. if my NUC is not included in this updated driver you have provided, is there any other solution?

      thank you