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    NUC - audio/sound options ?


      I'm thinking of purchasing a NUC6i5 at some point in the future (when they look stable !) but the biggest problem I've got is audio/sound.

      My current computer tower has several coloured audio sockets which I use to run a set of Logitech 5.1 speakers (3.5mm jacks). I know the NUC 6 doesn't offer this option.


      How do other owners of NUC's get audio out ?

      I've looked at monitors with built in speakers - I like this idea as it would declutter my desk (not worried about losing 5.1 as I don't need it anymore) but not sure if built in speakers are any good (although I suppose they're fine in TV's).

      I've looked at external sound cards but I think these would use one of the few USB ports and it's another piece of hardware cluttering up the desk.

      Any other options ?