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    Intel Graphics 530 blue screen when waking from sleep using HDMI port


      I've recently picked up an Asus motherboard (H110 chipset) and have a Core i3-6100 processor in it.  I'm using the built-in graphics as opposed to PCIe based, and have the BIOS setup to use built-in and not PCIe by default (as opposed to "Auto").


      The problem I've run into is that when using the HDMI port, any time the computer wakes from sleep, it blue screens.  This doesn't happen if I use the DVI port or the VGA port.  Switching to DVI or VGA isn't an option unfortunately.  Here is some background on the issue:


      - Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, fully updated

      - Intel Graphics 530 driver

      - All appropriate hardware drivers installed and updated (no unknown devices in Device Manager)

      - Only HDMI port is in use, nothing connected to DVI or VGA

      - Wake from sleep causes a blue screen in IGDKMD64.SYS with the message SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION

      - Ran MEMTEST just to be sure, no errors there


      If there is any other information I can provide, just let me know.


      Any help with this would be appreciated.