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    Intel D945GTP Desktop Board


      Good day Everyone, I have an Intel D945GTP desktop motherboard that I just received. Even though it is second hand it is fairly brand new. The problem I am experiencing is that, when I boot up the computer, the board does not respond. The fan on the heatsink that is attached to my CPU does not even spin. However, I do notice a small LED that is lit green, and it stays on for the whole time. I tried swapping the power supply with a new one, and it still does the same thing.But, what I notice on the motherboard is that there are 2 capacitors that are bulging and are about to leak. Could it be that these components are the source of the problem or is it something else ?. I don't want to get rid of this motherboard because I feel it can serve a greater purpose in the near future. What should I do ?. FIY the 2 bulging capacitors can be found next to the DIMM sockets on your right.