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    Identify Mobile CPU


      I am trying to identify an Intel CPU to verify that it is genuine and that it is the correct model but have been unable to find anything that helps. The CPU is not installed so I cannot use any software to identify it. All I have is the actual CPU and it only has the markings on the physical CPU. The CPU is supposedly an Intel Mobile i7 4940mx.




      Any help would be appreciated.



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          Hello, @DOA_2016:


          What you have is an engineering sample, is hard to tell if this processor is the model mentioned above, but I can confirm that this is an engineering sample.


          Intel ES Processors are not made available to the general public by Intel. Contact your vendor or place of purchase if you have received an Intel ES Processor in place of a production processor.


          If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Intel Customer Support, using one of the methods below;

          Contact Contact Support

          e-mail Intel Technical Support: supportmail.intel.com

          Intel Corporate Security Investigations - corporate.security@intel.com


          For further reference visit Information About Intel® Engineering Sample Processors.