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    Would a standard ATX PSU work with a W2600CR2 mobo?


      Hello all, for the past month I've been trying to get a new workstation build going but nothing seems to work. The LED diagnostics doesn't say much either and I've tried replacing most parts but it just goes to blinking amber and then solid amber with only the LSB lit. No video output whatsoever so I'm working blind here.


      I assume the PSU is the problem but Intels support couldn't say much, but can you guys see anything obviously wrong? Here's the speccs:

      Intel Workstation Board W2600CR2 (PBA: G59236-301)

      Dual E5-2660v2

      4x 4Gb Registered ECC PC3-10600

      Corsair AX1200 PSU (No PMBus)


      As a sidenote, the PDF over the board mentions an internal VGA connection-slot. I did buy the parts separately so does anyone know if you can buy an adapter to normal VGA somewhere? I assume it might have some basic information even if VGA via a PCIe card doesn't show anything. Yes, I'm trying everything I can think of.


      Thank you.