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    Intel Graphics issue on i5 2400. Windows 7 x64 Outlook 2013 x32 White Screen.




      I am having an issue with Intel Graphics on the above system. This is occurring on 3 different PC's all with the same configuration. We have worked around this on 1 machine by installing a third party PCI graphics adapter and uninstalling the Intel Graphics drivers. If we leave the Intel graphics drivers on the PC the issue remains no matter what adapter is being used. We are running Outlook with video acceleration disabled.


      The symptoms are identical to :

      Intel HD 4600 and Outlook 2013 - white screen

      Intel HD 4600 ( Win 8.1 x64  Outlook 2013 x86 White Screen


      We have completed all the listed troubleshooting in the above.


      However where these 2 threads seem to have been resolved with an update to Intel Graphics 10 or higher, the highest available drivers for the i5 2400 are


      I would like to know if either of the following is possible:


      1. That an update or hotfix could be released for this product to prevent this issue.

      2. Is there a way to safely install the drivers to the i5 2400 (Replacing the DLL's manually etc) Would really love to know if anyone has had some success here.


      DxDiag attached.