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    Time to buy an AMD based laptop?


      I've been building desktop machines since the Pentium, but I have never come across anything so arcane and badly designed as the NUC.


      Put a NUC together a few months ago when my laptop died. Pulled the relatively new SSD from the laptop that had been working flawlessly, Installed Windows 10 32-bit. Worked fine... for a short while. Then I got the message that it couldn't find the SSD. Took it to the shop - they said it worked fine. Got it home, it worked fine... for a short while. Then it couldn't find the SSD. Repeated this a few times then spent an entire Sunday reading NUC and SSD forums before finally rebulding it with Windows 10 64-bit and using EUFI instead of BIOS.


      Suddenly Wullah! a working desktop. Worked fine... for two days. Now it can't find the SSD permanently.


      Went to upgade the BIOS. Can't find the Product ID.


      At this point I realised that I'd bought a piece of Fey Wu.


      I *could* try and work out why the NUC keeps losing the SSD - possibly power fluctuations but it worked fine for 8 months in my laptop - or I could I spend the time more usefully deciding which non-Intel laptop is going to reliably allow me to actually *use* a computer without having to spend more time trying to get it to work than actually doing something useful.



      I'm sure Firefly could provide me with more useful Chinese slang words to describe my feelings towards Intel, but I'm also sure my feelings are pretty clear.

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