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    I can't install the proper graphics drivers. Intel Core i5-4210U


      I bought a Lenovo Flex 2 with the Intel Core i5-4210U processor and use Windows 10, but whenever I try to install the proper drivers, it fails. The Driver Update Utility doesn't return any results, instead saying that I have a custom model and to seek drivers from my manufacturer. Logically this should be the correct download: Download Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 10 [15.40][4th Gen]. I start installing it, but it eventually cancels, giving me the error message "The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer manufacturer. Setup will exit. Would you like more information? Click Yes to be directed to the Intel support website." It then sends me here: Error Message: Computer Manufacturer Graphics Driver Detected. I also tried installing drivers straight from Lenovo. Logically the best driver using this approach would be this: Laptops :: Lenovo Flex Series Laptops :: Flex 2-15 Laptop (Lenovo) :: 80FK - Lenovo Support (CA). I noticed that this driver is considerably older than the one from Intel, but I tried it anyway. Upon installing this driver, I get the same cancellation, error message, and link as I did with the driver straight from Intel. Please help me. Thanks in advance.



      - Nick


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