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    Suggestion for future driver release Improvement (Intel HD 2000/3000 graphics for 2nd Gen Processors)


      Hello. The latest version of driver i installed so far is ( It somehow still have some bugs present  in  it. Below will show the details of the issues arise:


      1.   There are a lot of vertical and horizontal tearing on the screen as i   move the mouse cursor any where around the screen. The screen should   have a smooth frame rates.


      2. There is major video  playback  issue arise when streaming videos online using any browsers  like Mozilla  Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Websites  like YouTube,  Daily motion etc video playback are streamed using HTML5  player. I do  often get crashes in playback and it displays on the video  screen "an  error has occurred". I will have to refresh the page to  playback the  video again. This problem has been occurred long time with  no fix. I do  tried some alternative like giving feedback to Mozilla  and Google chrome  on improving the future release of browsers. However  still have no luck  in fixing this issues with newer browser version.  Perhaps they replied  to me as to contact Intel to report such issue  since they concluded its  the driver issues and not the browser. Please  help fix this issue.


      3. There are some lag in video playback at high resolution. Please resolve this issue.


      4. Sound distortion also arises when streaming online videos in any website. Please fix this issue.


      5.   Improve on this driver by increasing graphic instructions set for   OpenGL and DirectX support. The graphics DPI scaling and pixel should  be  improve as well since some images are little less detailed.


      6.  Also can I know why this driver is certified for windows 7 and 8 but  not windows 8.1? Can this driver be supported for windows 10.


      Please help fix all the issues above.


      My Laptop system specs:


      Lenovo G480

      Windows 8 Single Language

      4GB DDR3 RAM (2GB X2) @1600 MHz

      Intel celeron B815 (1.6GHz, 2mb l3 cache, 1333MHz)

      500gb sata 2 hdd (Seagate Momentus Thin)


      Thank You.