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    Windows Update with Display Driver and Driver Updates

      Long story... Well, I have time.

      So, I tried to update my display driver which is Intel (R) 82945G Express Chipset Family. This was with Windows Update of course. It was very old and failed. So a couple days later when I tried to enter WMM, I found that it thought that my graphics card either wasn't there or didn't have good enough acceleration, even though it worked before then. I looked at the display driver in device manager and it said it was dissabled, and I know how tedious it is to have device manager install the driver.. So I went and found a driver for it on this website, but it gave me an unknown error near the end of the installation. I looked back at my device manager and it didn't say the chipset was there, and it wasn't even hidden (I enabled the ability to hidden drives). From that point onward I haven't been able to do anything. I do not want to do a system restore, although I can borrow a seperate hard drive to back up this one it ends up coming to that point. I tried to install the update on the 10th. I would be very greatful if you would help.