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    can i run windows 8 with intel core 2 6320 1,86 ghz?


      I everyone.

      as you can imagine i am looking for informations about nx,pae and sse2. i also asked for info to intel twitter support but they couldm't provide direct and sure info.

      i surfed the net worldwide.

      i run coreinfo tool but i don't think it is realiable. cpuz said i do have sse2. regarding pae (i am not an expert) i don't think u have it simply because i have only 3gb ram. NX : here (Enable Execute Disable Bit in System BIOS ) for example (but also somewhere else) i found intel nx is called execute disable bit (i am not sure where i can search nx in my bios) and i found it and it is enabled.

      w8 assistant upgrade tool said my pc doesn't support secure boot.


      please help me to understand if the processore can run w8.


      i'd really appreciate if you could provide help.


      lookig forward to hearing from you


      best wishes