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    need help with DX38BT,,,please


      I am new to intel motherboards. I have switched over from EVGA so I can have the AMD graphics option as well. So far I am happy. I have two issues that I am trying to work out. My specs are as follows:

      Intel DX38BT> E8400> ATI 4850>corsair HX 650> Windows 7 64bit.


      1. I am needing the latest bios for this motherboard. I cannot find it.

      2. This may not be the motherboard option , but when i boot up i have to choose to boot from 1 or 2. I then press 1 and windows boots up.  it is a used harddrive but i have reformatted it with W7 cd install. how can i get it to go straight to the windows screen?

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          well nevermind i just fubared the board. I was updating the bios and for no reason the pc turned off then on and it wont do anything at all just a black screen. Am i screwed? I tried restarting after 20 minutes of blackscreen and nothing. During the bios update all went well except for the last step thats when it restarted. Can anyone tell me what happened?