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    ICS shutdown by unusual temperature (cooling issue)


      About one month ago i got a STCK1A32WFC with Windows 10 Home. I changed it for a fresh installation of Windows 10 Pro. After to finish, i made a backup of disk using clonezilla and started to notice that something was really working bad. The stick completely shutted down and the backup finished badformed. Sometimes it was powered off with the red led light on, sometimes not. I then updated the BIOS but nothing changed. All these tasks were made from a samsung smart tv 2013. And the temperature of the tv was high due to the long time running on. Well, i was not worried because my use would be to run headless and connect, if necessary, by Windows RDP (for this reason i needed to update the windows os from home to pro). But the stick still powered off after 1,2 or 3 days running on. Randomly and just plugged with the ac adapter (5V-3A). The purpose of the stick was usually to work with the browser. Using a lot of memory and cpu. So i started to think maybe it was a problem with the sleep/hibernate mode in tablets or similar devices. I then followed the steps here:https://communities.intel.com/thread/100393 and here: https://communities.intel.com/thread/100418 and disabled completely sleep/hibernate modes. Nothing changed. The stick was still shutted down suddenly. I then connected the device to a TV LG 32" 2011 plugged with a wireless keyboard and started to investigate another routes. Installed a free app to control the temperature logging the results. And watched interesing results:

      Test 1: Using Google Chrome, which already has a high memory consumption, streaming a free channel of the tons in Internet. Average temperature: Core0:78c-Core1:79c-Core2:85c-Core3:86c

      Test 2: Same with full screen. Average temperature: Core0:84c-Core1:86c-Core2:92c-Core3:92c -> Finally shutdown because of temp limitation by BIOS.

      Test 3: Same than 1 using another TV: Average temperature: Core0:71c-Core1:72c-Core2:80c-Core3:80c

      Test 4: Same than 2 with the other TV: Average temperature: Core0:78c-Core1:78c-Core2:87c-Core3:88c

      Test 5: TV 1 running on full day without ICS. Then, test 1:  Average temperature: Core0:86c-Core1:88c-Core2:93c-Core3:93c -> Fast shutdown because of temp limitation by BIOS.

      Test 6: TV 2 running on full day without ICS. Then, test 1:  Average temperature: Core0:79c-Core1:80c-Core2:85c-Core3:87c -> Shutdown after 1h (when 90c are reached).

      * Note all the tests were made with the stick plugged directly to the tv hdmi port.

      **c = celsius.


      So there is a cooling issue over here. I can't compare the results with other sticks. So i don't know if this is a problem with my stick or a global issue.

      As far as i tested, the temperature of your TV is a really important issue. Specially when connected directly to this. Notice the TV fans are, in some cases, pointing to your stick. And this probably will increase the temperature. I think this is an issue affecting to all the customers. To use the hdmi cable is a better solution IMHO.


      If your place of use is a warn weather... as my case, you probably also will have a trouble. In March, the temperature was about 10c less than today (25c). And the shutdown happened in 2/3 days. Now it takes 1 day, some hours in the worst case. I can imagine what will happen in summer. Maybe you're interested to check this post about the environmental temp: https://communities.intel.com/thread/100684


      This post will be updated when the pending ICS of a close person arrives. And the results be checked with more tests/devices. To check the temp with the hdmi cable, for example.

      However there are a lot of posts with these questions. Really suspicious.