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    triple display. Intel HD530. 3rd monitor connected to displayport blinks periodically endlessly.


      problem when the 4k monitor is connected to usb-c displayport adapter, in a triple display setup.

      laptop + 1080p monitor + 4k monitor over displayport.

      In this setup, the 4k monitor just blinks and blinks while the other 2 screens stay steady. This happens both when screens are cloned or extended. The monitor on the displayport blinks periodically.

      see video.... https://youtu.be/9P1Mt06ofcA


      If only the 4k monitor is connected to the laptop via displayport in a DUAL monitor setup, then it is fine, no blinking of the 4k monitor.

      Only triple monitor with 4k over displayport results in blinking of the 4k display.


      This is similar to the previous issue with 4k monitor blinking if connected to thunderbolt3 usb-c hdmi adapter in a dual monitor setup.

      The latest graphics driver fixed this issue.

      Before, if you connected a 4k monitor over usb-c hdmi adapter, you would get periodic blinking, just like the video above shows.




      Asus G501vw notebook

      i7 6700hq, HD530, optimus gtx960m,

      AOC U2879G6 4k monitor connected to thunderbolt 3 usb-c hdmi 2.0 adapter

      Asus Vh238 1080p monitor connected to hdmi 1.4 port

      Latest non-beta intel graphics driver.


      same thing happens with the latest beta driver.



      How do I submit a bug report about this issue?

      and is there a log somewhere that tells me why the monitor keeps turning on and off on the displayport when 3 screen are displayed?

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