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    Array Storage Sequence when Reading Multiple Bytes


      I am trying to get multiple bytes from my sensor and I am not sure what is the correct sequence that Intel Edison use to store data to a buffer array.

      Specifically, I am trying to use this method to get data from Ublox gps module stored in address #0xFD and #0xFE:


      uint8_t buf [2];

      mraa_i2c_read_bytes_data(m_i2c, 0xFD, buf, 2); //this should give me data from address #0xFE as well because of auto-increment of address counter


      Now, the following code is from upm ADIS16448 library.


      So this code suggests that the upper byte is stored inside buf[1] instead of buf[0]. Does that mean that in my case, the data from #0xFE is stored in buf[0] and data from #0xFD is stored in buf[1]? And What will happen if I declare buf size to be 3 for example?

      Thanks in advance