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    Dell XPS 13 9350 buzzing noise caused by Intel HD Graphics 520 driver


      (See also reddit "Dell XPS 13 9350 Buzzing Noise?" especially the description posted there by lixl03)


      Affected drivers:

      Intel HD Graphics 520 driver version

      Intel HD Graphics 520 driver version


      Brand-new Dell XPS 13 9350 makes a moderately quiet but very annoying buzzing sound with any graphical change on the screen. Hover over a toolbar icon and it highlights - BUZZ!, then the tooltip text appears - BUZZ! Open a website with moving graphics, continuous BUZZZ!


      Using Device Manager, I uninstalled the Intel HD Graphics 520 driver (ver. The device rolled back to a generic Windows video driver, and the noise was completely gone. I rebooted the device and within a few minutes the buzz was back. I checked - and Windows 10 had updated the driver back to the Intel HD Graphics 520 driver (ver. Next, I went to the Dell support site and used my Dell Service Tag to locate the recommended driver, which is ver. I installed this, but the buzzing noise persists.


      Dell XPS 13 9350 shipped from Dell on April 10, 2016

      BIOS & Windows fully updated after unboxing

      Windows 10 x64

      Non-touch screen

      8GB onboard memory

      128GB SSD

      Intel i5 processor

      13.3" (1920x1080)