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    NUC 34010wyk – Graphic problem WIN10 Enterprise X64- Please HELP


      Hey All

      I have an issue that I can't resolved my own

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Install a New fresh Copy of Win10 Enterprise Edition X64 on NUC 34010
      2. Download GFX_WIN10_64_15.40.13.4331.ZIP FROM INTEL SITE
      3. Install the latest graphic driver
      4. Navigate to Device manager and see version installed
      5. Open youtube  on browser / Open Kodi


      Expected results:

      Youtube displayed as it should with PIC and Movies


      Actual results:

      All videos not displayed, only displayed Icons as movies,

      Tested on bing + chrome

      Kodi Freezeyoutube intel channel.JPGDisplay adapter.JPG