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    Driver Won't Update


      Today I updated the Intel Driver Update Utility to 2.4 and scanned my system. It found that my graphics driver was version, and that the latest one was So obviously at that point I had it download the driver and update it. Everything went smoothly, but after rebooting and checking the utility again, it said the same exact thing. So then I went to history and it showed that it was downloaded, but instead of saying it was completed, it said not installed. OK, so I figured I would try again. Same exact thing. After rebooting, everything was showing as the same. I went into the folder that the driver was downloaded to and deleted everything, had it download the driver again, and attempted to install it. Rebooted, and yet again, everything was the same. Still on the old driver. At that point, I went to the Intel website and downloaded the driver straight from there. I have win64_153342.exe on my desktop. So I use that, and even still, after rebooting, it tells me I have What the heck is going on here, and how am I supposed to update my driver?