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    HD 530 sucks at 4k video playback?


      core i7-6700hq, HD 530. 8gb ddr4. 4k monitor. Windows 10 x64. Latest non-beta intel graphics driver.

      using Windows Media player and VLC player for testing.



      when I play 4k video that has 50-100mbit bitrate, it plays fine when the video player is resized to 1080p, or 1/4 of the screen.

      If I keep stretching the video player window to 2880px wide, it still plays relatively smoothly.


      As soon as I stretch the video player to the edges, almost 4k size window, then video playback gets noticeably choppy in places.

      When I shrink the video player window a little bit and replay these choppy places, they play smoothly.


      So why is it when I stretch the video player almost to the edges of the screen, or even playback fullscreen 4k, the video plays a little choppier?


      this is plain old h264 encoded video. How come HD530 can't handle it?


      cpu uses less than 20%.

      video file is not fragmented.


      video samples tested were downloaded from www.4ksamples.com. Specifically these ones....

      Panasonic GH4 4K UHD Sample Footage



      In the fireworks sample, if I use the gtx960m, it's a bit smoother than the HD530.




      I also want to add, similar happens in Youtube in Chrome.

      COSTA RICA IN 4K 60fps (ULTRA HD) w/ Freefly Movi - YouTube

      This video can play in 4k smoothly AS LONG AS it's not in full screen mode.


      As soon as you go fullscreen, choppy as hell. Dunno why it's able to process the video when embedded in the webpage, but not as well in fullscreen.


      I have the desktop extended across 2 screens- a 1080p + 4k.