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    Facebook- Intel Poulsbo (GMA500) Dissatisfaction Group


      Intel sells the GMA500 chip to Sony, Dell, MSI, Fujitsu, Kohjinsha, Aigo, OQO and other hardware manufacturers for the use in their netbooks, laptops and UMPCs. Intel has not provided working drivers for this chip thus crippling the hardware that uses this chip.


      The purpose of this group:


      1) Inform Intel and its hardware partners of their consumers dissatisfaction
      2) Provide the latest information pertaining to the development or lack thereof of the driver
      3) Inform potential purchasers of affected hardware of this problem so they may make a educated decision for their purchase
      4) Determine if there is enough interest for a class action lawsuit.

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          I am glad people are letting others know about this, please stay vigilant! Let your IT people and IT directors know of your dissatisfaction. What is stopping intel from doing this again later to us. You sell us a product with linux on it. I would expect you to update your product to improve security and bug fixes, but we are stuck on a version of linux that is running out of support range, yet vendors continue to sell the product with linux on it. Shame! For shame!

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            Best thing we have to do is to never forget this thing Intel did to us and soon we will be able to buy ARM + Nvidia computers!!!!
            Sooner than you think!!!



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              Intel if you read this forum please do something to clarify the situation and give us better support.



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                I not sure what I can contribute to this other than some general information and perhaps a suggestion.

                A lot of Intel folks read and follow these posting and perhaps one of them who is familiar with this particular component can add something.


                Intel provides to their component customers, "Sony, Dell, MSI, Fujitsu, Kohjinsha, Aigo, OQO and other" , an embedded component and the drivers they request.The OEM then edit, modify, and / or test the driver and release them for use by their customers. When \ If an OEM comes back to Intel with a busness case for additional drivers, in my experience, Intel puts the resources into developing them.

                If the OEM's are not posting the drivers you need for the product they sold you, have you asked them why?

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                  it's a shame that we cannot run recent linux releases on our computer. I don't get the reasons why the driver source is not open for linux developpers. It can only deserve intel and make unsatisfaction grow bigger. I've been pretty satisfied by intel products, and I'm now sad to say it's no more the case today.


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                    I'm not an employee of Intel, but I can at least provide some information about this, if you are interested.


                    The GMA 500 graphics core/processor, is part of the Intel Poulsbo series of SCH (System Controller Hub) chipsets, including the UL11L, US15L, and US15W, which were used in low power netbook PCs with the Intel Atom processor.


                    In contrast to virtually all other Intel chipset products, the GMA 500 was actually designed by the PowerVR division of the Imagination Technologies corporation, and licensed to Intel for use in chipsets used with the Atom processor.  The GMA 500 is actually PowerVR's SGX 535 graphics core.  Variations of this design are used in a wide variety of products by many major manufactures, from HDTV's to cell phones.


                    It is common for companies producing Netbooks to use the generic drivers provided by Intel and other companies, and modifying them specifically for their products.  Given the number of companies that do this, and the issues involved in exchanging specific information about each product, among others, is another reason why updated drivers that are perfectly suited to the many different Netbooks are not readily available.  That does not take into account the 17 Linux distributions used by Netbooks, those also using a differing base Linux distribution, different Linux kernels, file systems, and interfaces.


                    In August of 2010, most Netbook manufactures stopped providing Linux with their products, and do not provide support for it, in the United States.  The battle over who becomes the source of the OS for netbooks no doubt contributed to that, as netbook manufactures turned to Microsoft and its Windows 7 Starter OS, while Apple continues to use it's own proprietary OS.  The use of a very few well known OS's with a sold basis of support is much more attractive to netbook manufactures, and solves many problems for them, as well as simplifies the market for software, hardware, and accessories for netbooks.


                    It seems that the first netbook users such as your group are suffering from a classic case of "Early Adopter" syndrome.  As is always the case in this, the consumer is left hanging.


                    Intel has participated in the Open Source community, and has a web site devoted to open source Linux graphics:




                    The link below are generic drivers for the GMA500 using Linux and Moblin Linux, provided by Intel:




                    I don't know if the drivers available from this page will be of use to you, but it may be worth looking at:



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                      I bought an ao751h and i am so sorry about it, it's really a robbery that the drivers are so bad, even on windows 7, the hardware is there, but the software is just too old and needs to be updated in order to be fully funcitional not to mention linux which is really far from being perfect, I somehow believe that there should be a legal way to push Intel for selling such usless products, its like they sell you a car with flat tires, a total rip off