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    DH55HC Win7 x64 didn't accept PCH driver


      I tryed to install Win7 64bit on DH55HC Board, but these didn't accept the included (on pruduct disk) sata controler driver.

      Is there a new version of the PCH Chipset Driver available?

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          Hi Thomas


          I encountered a similar issue with the Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4 motherboard and an Intel i5 CPU during a Windows7 Pro 64bit install from scratch: By only selecting the Intel SATA/AHCI driver (ibexahci.inf) from my USB flash drive, the system encountered a hang after reboot displaying "Loading Operating System...".


          During the second Win7 installation attempt, I repeatedly selected and loaded (through add driver in the Win7 installation window) all displayed compatible Intel Chipset driver files for Windows7, i.e.,


          (The USB drivers somehow were refused to be installed.)


          The system afterwards booted without any issues and all Intel Chipset Drivers were properly installed in Windows7 Pro x64.


          best regards,