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    4th generation Intel HD chipset driver won't install because "minimum system requirements aren't met"




      My initial problem is actually AMD related, but it has lead to me a situation where I need to install the latest Intel Graphics chipset driver to try and fix the initial problem.

      My initial problem is that AMD driver stops working and reboots itself every now and again (at least once a day). After doing some digging it seems that there is some kind of driver software interference with the never driver of AMD's and the older Intel Chipset drivers. I have updated, removed, re-updated the amd driver multiple times to no avail.


      So I try to install the newest Intel Chipset driver. Except that the install says that my system does not meet the minimum requirements for the driver installation.
      I downloaded the driver assistant software that scans the systems for Intel products and downloads the appropriate new drivers and installs them. However, with this method, after every time I download and install the driver, and then reboot immediately after this, and then come back to the software and scan the drivers AGAIN, they still say the same thing: A newer driver is available then my current one.


      What the software claims I have is 10.0.10240.16390 and the newest one is 10.1.14


      However my device manager seems to think otherwise:







      It's the same thing for the port 6 driver and the Xeon driver. They are all already 10.1.14. However, the problem still persists. And I am not convinced that the Intel drivers are installed correctly.

      So I wanted to try and solve the initial problem with the manual installation of the newest chipset driver. The newest version for Windows 10 64-bit i5-4960-K setup appears to be 15.40 at the of writing.
      However as I said the installation claims that I do not meet the minimum requirements for the installation. Intel's own error page isn't all that helpful, because it just tells to check go through the list of possible compatibility issues and I have done all of that. My System page (in Finnish, but I think it's still pretty clear what it means):




      Removing and re-installing both the AMD and Intel drivers in regular and in Safe Mode does not seem to work either.


      Possible other fixes that I have tried are installing all the latest Win 10 updates (there aren't any at the time of writing this) and seeing if any other devices and drivers are out of date (they aren't).


      My specs are:


      MSI Z97 PC Mate Motherboard
      Intel i5-4960K processor with 4600 Integrated HD Graphics
      Asus AMD Radeon R9 270 2GB Graphics card

      Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
      16GB DDR3 RAM (1333 Mhz of I remember correctly)
      No other additional cards, two HDD's and one SSD, plus a DVD drive.