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    Upgrade from Intel P8600 to Q9100



      I have a laptop with Chipset PM45 and Motherboard Quanta 3624 (Hewlett Packard)

      I tried to upgrade from Intel Core 2 DUO P8600 Socket P (478) to Intel Core 2 QUAD Q9100.

      In BIOS with version F.46 and release date 08/25/2011 the Q9100 is recognized and every BIOS Check i made passes.

      If i leave the laptop in BIOS to see if the clock works, I hear that the cpu fan works at 100%.

      When I am trying to boot windows, the laptop freezes in the startup screen.

      Also sometimes a BSOD with an error NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE appears.


      I installed again the P8600 and the laptop works fine.


      Any suggestions?