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    R1304 Series - Easy way to change the video resolution/format?


      I've got a stack of these 1304 units running Linux (RHEL6) and I've never been able to get them to anything other than 800x600 pixels.  It hasn't been a big deal because I usually run them headless. Unfortunately, I've got an application where I need to put a display on one and I sure would like to get more dots on the screen.  Before I start digging, does anyone know if there is an easy way to remedy this that I'm just missing?



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          Hello, ChiefEngrNY:


          My apologies on the delay of the answer on this.


          Intel has a special website where we put all together open source work that Intel engineers are involved in. https://01.org/


          Intel does provide development drivers for Intel® graphics to the open source community. These development drivers are intended to provide the Linux developer community with an opportunity to provide feedback on the driver and participate in its development. Most versions of the Linux* operating system include Intel® graphics drivers. Intel recommends checking with your Linux distribution vendor for precompiled driver packages.


          Development driver source code can be obtained from public repositories found in the Downloads section of the Linux and Intel graphics website.



          Development driver support is only available through the open source community. See the Community section of the Linux and Intel graphics website.



          Intel Linux graphics is an open source project where all of our development is done in the open in our mailing lists and public git repositories. We encourage you to participate in this Intel® Graphics for Linux* Project.



          If any additional questions or inquiries are present, feel free to contact us back.



          Esteban C