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    Does HD530 support 3-display ?



      I need a pro PC and plan to buy a Dell Optiplex 7040, with Intel Corei5 6500 proc. and Q170 chipset. It comes with the new Intel HD530 graphics, (1xHDMI + 2xDP). As I will connect 3 monitors to my PC, can anyone confirm the Dell HD530 graphics supports this config?

      Indeed, it is not mentionned on the FAQ (Configuration 3 Displays FAQ), although older graphics seems to support it...



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          Hello ddlr,

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          Yes, you can run three monitors with this Intel® graphics; however, this is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) system, so it will be better to contact your computer or motherboard manufacturer to find out if three independent displays are supported and what configurations are supported with your specific computer or motherboard model. Intel provides general information about Intel graphics features. However, your computer or motherboard manufacturer can incorporate customizations and might not support all general graphics features.

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