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    Matrix storage manager Mess


      I hve been following the threads on this topic with intrest. I have been running a RAID 0 for several years with no issues. 50 days ago I deceided to upgrade to 7 and put it on a RAID 1. After one week I haad a drive failure, no data was lost, the sector on the drive that contains the SMART info was corruped. I replaced the drive. After one week another drive failure, same issue, corrupted sector. I replaced the WD black series with the RE series, it lasted about 2 weeks and the system was unstable. On a restart it failed to boot to 7 but would get to safe mode. After checking both drives with the wd drive utility I was surprised to find one with a corrupt sector for the SMART and one that had a SMART failure. Both drives failed any othe tests.I was using the 8.9 version of the Storage utility. After four drive failures I checked with Biostar to see if they had any experience with the situaton,. none,BUT they sent a call tag and an RMA for the board. The drives are to be replaced by NewEgg, they also sent a call tag.

      My advice if a drive is dropping out,is to check it with the manufacturers test utility (Seatools, WD DLDIAG etc.)

      It will be about 2 weeks before I will have that system up again.

      The chipset was the ICH10R


      I have spent some time examining the SATA cable connections. I was using the cables provided with the motherbaord. They have latches at both ends. After trying a cable with the latch at the drive and a cable without, I feel the cable without the latch provides a more secure connection at the drive. This connection my or may not be the root cause of some of these issues.


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