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    RAID config after BIOS update destroyed




      I installed my new Windows 10 computer system on a Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming 3 motherboard by activating the RAID-mode in the bios (1 SSD boot-device, 2 HDD in RAID 1 array as data partition) and did the array configuration.

      After installing the OS and the Intel RST Software everything was fine. I initialized and formatted the RAID array and copied data on it.


      The software from the mainboard vendor showed me, that a bios update is available, so I proceeded in updating the bios to the new version.

      Unfortunately this action set the bios to the AHCI mode and the Intel RST service didn't work any more.

      So I changed the setting to RAID-mode again. The result was, that computer didn't boot. Only the AHCI setting allows to boot the system, but without raid functionality.

      Can anyone tell me how to come back to a bootable RAID-mode configuration? In the internet I found only answers, where I have to install the system from the scratch - but that's the worst case for me.


      Thanks for answers.