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    Moving NUC6i5SYK motherboard into a fanless case?


      I have the NUC6i5SYK, and the new Akasa Newton S6 fanless case. I am trying to gain a little more information about the removal of the motherboard from the original enclosure, and also whether there are any special tricks or details that need to be known when installing the motherboard in the new fanless case?  If anyone has any info I would appreciate hearing about it.  I know that the Newton S6 is only very new on the market but hopefully some information on doing this can be shared on this forum so that people who want to use the fanless case will be able to do so with the least chance of damaging anything whilst making the transfer. I expect that this may be quite similar to transferring the motherboard of earlier NUCs to fanless cases but the details may be slightly different on the Skylake variants?


      Thanks for any help or tips.