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    Does latest ICH9M drivers from 2009 have a problem with SSD trim functionality?




      I have been experiencing some issues with my SSD drives on my laptop, namely the trim not working leading to garbage around the drive that eventually spoil the writing speed.


      Now, with my fresh SSD I noticed that the trim was still really sluggish to kick in. I found a thread that said Crucial support had told someone to roll back to the default ATA controller driver of windows. So I did, from latest that came with Intel Chipset utility or Matrix Storage Manager, don't know which.. And the trim started working.


      I'm not quite sure if this happened because or despite of the rollback of the divers. Anyone has any experience or information if there's suspected, identified or confirmed problems with Intel drivers for GM45/47's southbridge ICH9M and SSD drives? It's running on Lenovo 6475WHR mobo.