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    Laptop Built-in Graphics Scales (Zooms/Enlarges) Content on External Display


      Here is the problem.


      I have an Acer ES1-711 17" Laptop.


      I connected a 1080P LED HDTV via HDMI.


      In Windows 10 I set graphics to extend display, using HDTV on left to second display, and Laptop on right as primary. HOWEVER problem which I am about to explain, is also present when I ONLY project to external display, and close the Laptop screen.


      Problem is that anything I put, grab with the mouse pad and slide over to second display (HDTV) is enlarged, making huge ugly pixels. Actually eye balling, it seems is exactly doubles the size of any graphics I put on that display making it look like a like 960 x 540, instead of what it is set to in the display settings of 1920 x 1080 at 60hz. When I use the HDTV remote control's "Info" button, the HDTV confirms that it is 1080P.


      Odd thing though, if I instead of grabbing and sliding a maximized windows over, if I instead size any window, to anything less that Laptop's native display of 1600 x 900, and then slowly begin to slide (move) it over to the HDTV, second display on the left, at first everything looks exactly like it should be, graphics are crisp, pixels are small, size seems right, however when I reach about half way, meaning content of window I am dragging is approximately 50% on left side and 50% on right side, all of a sudden the image (half the window) on the left second display is zoomed, enlarged!?!


      What is going on? This is unacceptable!


      If it is a Windows 10 problem, I will downgrade. If it is an Intel(R) HD Graphics problem, I will have to replace my Laptop to something that does NOT use Intel!


      Yes driver is up to date.