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    dp55wb (memory)


      1) Have the dp55wb with the I-5 Lynnfiled planing to use Kingston HyperX T1 4 GB DDR3 1600 XMP 1.65 volts. All the Doc's say not to go over 1.6 volts. Can't seen to find any under 1.65. Is it safe to run this memory?

      2) The MOBO does support XMP type memory right? I saw it once but now can not recall the page etc. where I saw it.

      Thanks in advance!

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          Sorry cold meds making me whacky....I know the XMP is OK just meant to post about the voltage....and it should of been under CPU post sorry people just out of it from the cold.

          Thanks again for all the help!


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            There have been multiple reports in this forum that this board indeed does *NOT* function with memory over 1.6V.

            I use the board with 1.5V Kingston ValueRam (which is on the qualified list).

            This board is very picky about staying within specs, it is not a tweakers board.

            However, when you do stay within specs, the board performs as good as any other and has been very stable for me.

            Just don't go experimenting with overclocking or overvoltage, the board is not very forgiving.


            Summarizing: no need to pay for HyperX, just stick to ValueRam. You will save some money and it will work well.

            If you do want better performance (lower CAS memory etc.), use a different board.