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    NUC5PPYH - Resume after sleep W10 - network issue


      Hi there,


      I'm experiencing network issue on a NUC5PPYH : after some inactivity period, the NUC goes to sleep mode. But sometimes, when Windows wakes up, all the network connections drop : impossible to communicate with the NUC from the router or other network equipments, and vice-versa.


      The network icon on Windows seems OK, but no possible discussion at all (no ping, no Internet, no DNS...) with the NUC.

      If I remove the network cable, wireless network is on the same state : seems OK but no connection at all.


      After I discovered that issue, I updated BIOS and drivers, but nothing seems to be working. All it seems is that it's random.

      I do not shut Windows 10 at all for days, it only self goes to sleep mode.


      The only solution is to completely reboot the NUC.


      As this computer is my wife's computer, she (and ! !) needs it to be working smoothly.

      Is that a known bug ? If so, is there any workaround ?

      I went through this forum, the only similar case is related to a nearby HDMI interface close to the Ethernet interface (but on NUC that have 2 HDMI interfaces). On NUC5PPYH, there's only one HDMI port, no choice to choose another port.


      Please help !