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    Emperor With No Clothes. State of Linux Intel Drivers - Atrocious.


      Come on Intel you are supposed to be a mega wealthy company but the support for your products is as if you are impoverished.


      Currently I'm using an Intel Nuc5i5RYH which has an Intel HD 6000 core on a Archlinux installation.  The GFX has been nothing but problematic with artefacts over the screen to game crashes ,to old Open GL support, and to on and off acceleration for media playback.  It's been a bad experience overall and I would seriously consider never getting an Intel GFX again, therefore no more NUCs.  I have tried various modes of operation so it's not a case or poor configuration on my part.


      The irony to this case is that "Windows" is well supported.  The fact is the code base techniques are there to put into the Linux field of drivers, but it seems as if you want to damage the Linux community to espouse Microsoft.  Always half ditched attempts and lacking results.


      Please get your act together or stop with the damage agenda.  (the lack of support is only going to lead to people shifting to ARM based devices or units with Nvidia as an example.)