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    DP55WG + i5-750; unstable system


      PC config:
      MB: Intel DP55WG
      CPU: Intel i5-750
      RAM: 2x2GB Corsair XMS3 (TW3X4G1333C9)
      VGA: MSI 8400GS 512MB
      HDD: WD Caviar Black 640GB SATA
      DVD-RW: NEC AD-7240 SATA
      OS: MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit


      The problem is that the system (PC) become unstable. lot of unexpected restarts occurs each system running. I have latest BIOS for MB and latest drivers for each component. There are no alarm beeps during boot. System can boot normally and it can run normally but from time to time unexpected restart occurs and no windows dump nor event log about this restarts are created.
      I have already replaced Motherboard and VGA and the problem with unexpected restarts still remains.
      I've ran few stress test, e.g:
      Memtest86+ => no faults found
      Prime95 => few of calculation was stopped with "HW Error found".

      The CPU temperature did not cross 75 Celsius degrees during Prime95 test running .

      It looks like, I have problem with CPU or PSU. Can be CPU corrupted in this way, that system can run normally but some times unexpected restart occurs?

      Please, can someone give some advice?


      I have additional question if some one knows answer. For  “Intel® Desktop Utilities for P55 Desktop Boards” on download page expected availability is January 2010. Does someone know when it will be available to test PSU (Voltages) in OS&Prime95 running?

      Thanks a lot.