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    Boot hangs because of PxSERR error (Core i7)




      I have a MSI x58 Platinum mainboard with a Intel Core i7 processor and from to time to time it freezes during POST with AMI bios POST code - 423C. This happens right after the message that "4096MB OK" and before the detection of SATA/IDE drives.

      When this happens, the only way to make the system run is to turn off the power (pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del of Reset would result in the same error)  - after that the POST procedure finishes correctly and I don't experience any problems afterwards (system is rock-solid after POST completion).


      I found in the documentation at http://www.intel.com/assets/pdf/specupdate/313075.pdf that this is a PxSERR error.


      Is there a way to solve this?