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    Core i7 920 vs. Dual Xeon Quad Core E5520


      Hi there,

      i need an advise for a new workstation. The machine will be used for 3d animation in Maya and Adobe CS4.

      Is it better to go on an Core i7 or should i spend my money for an Dual E5520 Setup?


      Thanks alot in forward



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          The dual xeons will give two x 4 cores compared to the one 4 core i7, a higher system bus throughput, and a higher max memory (144gb v. 24Gb) if you need or can afford it. The i7 has a higher base frequency, but the extra xeon cores should give more performance provided the software uses them. This is all theoretical advice, the Intel benchmarks seem to avoid exact comparisons between them, and also you may find overall system costs higher for the xeon solution. One final consideration is whether you want the extra feature of ecc memory supported by the xeon.

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            Hi eddy,


            i already tried to replay yesterday eve but it looked like the community server have had some timeout problems. So first of all thanks for your reply, but isn´t a core i7 just a desktop version of an xeon quad core?

            I mean, when you have a setup with two xeon quad cores you will get 16 logical cores (actually threads) through HT, and in case of the core i7 you will get 8 logical cores. So my question is, if i decide for a dual setup, will i receive twice as much performance compared to an same frequented core i7, or is the increase of performance not as much as expected?


            The mayor task for this machine is to render, to deal with high complex scene files and to manage high resolution images in photoshop cs4. I just don´t want to find out afterwards that the investment into an dual setup wouldn´t justify the higher costs.


            Many thanks in forward.



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              CS4 has GPU support, I would think that would give a far greater boost that having more CPU's


              The E5520 is clocked at 2.26Ghz vs i7 920 at 2.67Ghz, it just depends how well PS can tread things.