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    NUC NUC5i5RYH Automatic Power-Up


      I'm considering using an NUC5i5RYH in a system I need to build.  I'm concerned about how it powers up.  I've looked through the Technical Spec and questions on the Community posts.  I'd like confirmation on what I think I understand before I have my system built with the NUC inside.  I plan to install Win7 and a 128G SSD.  The user will interface to the NUC via a touchscreen.  I plan to bury the NUC inside the system out of reach for the user.  I want the NUC to power-up based on applying power to it.  Power-down will be via the normal windows power-down.  The documentation I've read doesn't show that this is an option.  Is that true?  One option may be to add a momentary switch to pins 6&8 of the front panel header.  I assume that bypasses the button on the top of the NUC?  How would I route the wires out of the NUC if I took that approach?  Do you have any other power-up recommendations?

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          You can power-up this NUC when applying power to it, I just tested this unit today and basically you will need to access the BIOS by pressing F2, click on advance, click power and select “power on after power failure”, once you have that option selected your system will power on when you apply power to it.


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