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    i7 950 temperature


      Hello, my CPU i7 950 (D0 stepping) temperature is slightly above Tcase (Tcase should be 67,9 °C). CPU temp peaks between 68,5°C - 70 °C. How bad it is? It is not much over the Tcase, could it be dangerous?


      The CPU hits this temp only occasionally. Core temperatures seem to not go over 77°C at all times. CPU is overclocked to 3,7 GHz (4GHz Turbo) with HT on. While working or gaming the temp is not usually higher than 62°C, with core temps maxing at 70°C.


      I have replaced stock cooler with better one and the air-flow design in my PC is very good (5 fans), voltage is set to 1,3125 V but it sits slightly below (1,304 V), with or without LLC max temps are the same. When I lower voltage system become unstable. I heard people are running these chips very hot for years...


      I do not have money to buy new PC so I try to squeeze max performance from my current setup, this CPU is still enough for my needs (2D graphic editing, sound editing, occasionally some gaming) and paired with 12GB 1600 MHz RAM it is still good.


      Board: ASUS P6X58D premium