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    poor network performance when using X520-DA2


      I´ve got a problem with a server connection using the following combination:


      IBM Server SystemX 3450 Typ:7379-K4G (PCIE x8 slot, 25w), running Windows Server2008R2

      Intel Network Adapter X520-DA2

      Intel TwinAxial Cable 3m (XDACBL3M)

      D-Link switch DGS-1510-52


      10Gbit Link is up, but the performance is like 10Mbit. Gigabit connection with the internal adapter is much faster!

      Even when i try to open the management gui of the adapter it takes several seconds to open and everything seems to be very slow.

      As i don´t use them i tried to disable the IPv6 but this didn´t have any effect.

      Any ideas?

      Thank you in advance! :-)

      best regards

      Stefan Rindler