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    HD Graphics 4000 disabled - won't recognize external monitor


      I'm running a Lenovo Z580 laptop with integrated HD Graphics 4000 and Windows 10. This combination has been working fine for several months with my HP w1907 VGA external monitor. The other day I installed Dragon Naturally Speaking - shortly after, the external display went blank. Attempts to recognize from the control panel fail. In the Deivce Manager, it says that the Intell HD Graphics 4000 adapter has been disabled, with a code of 43.


      So far I have:


      • Uninstalled the Naturally Speaking software (this was likely coincidental, but I figured what the heck.
      • Did a system restore to a restore point a couple of weeks ago that was a known time that the display was working
      • Searched multiple forums for a solution
      • Uninstalled and deleted the HD Graphics 4000 driver, then restarted.
      • Manually downloaded the driver from Intell (version and reinstalled, several times
      • Disabled the Microsoft Basic display adapter and restarted
      • Ran the Lenovo system hardware check, with no failures noted


      What is unusual is that when the computer turns on and runs through the booting sequence, as soon as the Lenovo splash screen disappears to a black screen wtih the pointer/cursor, I can freely move the cursor from one monitor to the other. As soon as the following blue screen with the animated loading icon appears, the external monitor blanks out. I interpret this to mean that somewhere in the loading sequence there is probably another corrupted driver loading - perhaps not even graphics related - that is screwing up the display adapter function. It really doesn't seem to be the driver itself, since I've installed the supposedly correct one several times.


      Any ideas?