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    Looking for Windows 7 NIC Drivers


      Looking for Windows 7 (32 Bit & 64Bit) NIC drivers for a SuperMicro MB. The NIC's are (ESB2/Gilgal) 82563EB.


      Funny thing is I was able to install Windows 7 64Bit with no trouble. The NICs worked with on the install. Downloaded / installed Vmware, installed 6 OS's and got their updates / patches then all of a sudden my NICs do not work. Tried reinstalling Windows 7 64Bit on a different hard drive, it cannot find any drivers to match the NICs on that install. Tried going to a restore point when I know it was working fine, no luck. Tried doing a repair to the OS, no luck. No clue on how it worked the first time, or what it recognized them as.  On the second HD I tried picking a couple of different drivers, no luck.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.